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Electronic-offline monthly of “Archaeology of Maritime Landscapes”–a journal in Persian and English— specifically deals with “cultural heritage and archaeology” in “the maritime domain”. It was approved with the registration number 78255 by Press Supervisory Board of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of the Islamic Republic of Iran in August 22, 2016. The existence of extensive maritime landscapes and cultural materials remained from human interaction with the seas in southern and northern coastal lines, rivers, as well as small and big lakes in Iran; and the increasing development of maritime archeology as main issues in the field of maritime culture in Iran and the world have caused that we think of starting a journal in Persian (as its main language) and English (as its second language) in order to publish upheavals and events occurring in the field of maritime culture at global and national levels in Persian. In addition, due to the nascence of the field of maritime archeology, we are to dedicate the first issue of this journal to theoretical issues and then practical affairs. Therefore, in addition to cooperation of archeologists, we need cooperation of students and researchers from different scientific fields and groups including sociology, anthropology, philosophy, history, as well as other humanities and naval architecture. We warmly welcome short translated articles conducted by students.

Currently, costs of the journal are paid privately, but we look forward to seeing brilliant days with regard to scientific activities of the journal for enhancing knowledge in Iran in the field of maritime culture. In addition to observing updated news and articles in the field of maritime culture, researchers and students are urgently recommended to send their scientific works (particularly short translated articles) to the email of the journal in order that the advisory council of the journal review and make decisions about publishing the works. Finally, we ungently demand students to help us advancing our goals.


Ramin Adibi
MA in Archeology, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Archeology of Maritime Landscapes