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The Booklet of Underwater Cultural Heritage in Iran (Download )

The Booklet of Underwater Cultural Heritage in Iran(Download )


This booklet include summery of Underwater Cultural Heritage in Iran has discovered in inland water (e.g. Caspian sea, “Takht-e SoleymānLake and Shushtar Band-e Mizan )  and territorial waters (e.g. Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman). these human remains found by “Maritime Archaeology department (MAD) of  Iranian Center for Archaeological Research (ICAR)”.

This collection has got ready for International Meeting on Underwater Cultural Heritage and Site Protection (22 and 23 September 2016 in at UNESCO Headquarters) and Training workshop on Underwater archaeology with a focus on UNESCO 2001 Convention ( 21-23 December 2016 “bandar-e Kong”, Hormozgan province, Iran) to introduced  these remains, also the share of  Iran in maritime archaeological studies in the world by Maritime Archaeology department (MAD).

base on decision have made by MAD, there is a booklet as open access PDF file for download. We look forward to your comments and suggestions via Email or Telephone  at the end of this booklet with MAD.

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© This booklet is on the Website of Archaeology of maritime landscape Magazine by legal Permission of MAD

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